Creatively Helping Others

Tim Dwyer saw the need to stop the problem that kept many criminals returning time and again to court, jail, and prison. He knew that unless users found a way to break their addictions successfully then the cycle of drug use and criminality would continue. The video above tells about the Shelby County Drug Court and how it has seen great success in the course of its more than 15 year existence. I believe it also shows an example of how creativity has been used to fill a desperate need within a community.


Beginning the blog

With many new endeavors one often feels obliged to make some grand beginning. I am no different and my desire for perfection oftentimes slows, or stops altogether, any endeavor I may choose to start. In this case, I am being forced (so to speak) into starting a blog for a college course. It is through this requirement that I find myself looking to start something I have wanted to start anyway. And like Jon Acuff so correctly points out in his book Quitter, “The things you create and share will always out-perform the things that stay stuck in your head or your desk or your laptop.” Acuff is right; it is time “to murder perfectionism” and focus in on getting it your ideas out there, even in their imperfect form.

So, here is my beginning. This blog will not simply be about my creative desires and what I am doing to achieve them. Rather, it will be about others who are in the midst of their own personal creative pursuits and what they have to say about the path they have blazed in those pursuits. There will be stories of indie musicians and song writers, artists, craftsmen, where these people can be found in any community, big or small, and even what others, like the aforementioned Acuff, have said about pursuing creativity.

It is my hope that you enjoy this blog and I am looking forward to feedback, good or bad.